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Note: To Nokia N95 and 6110 users: If you have installed the bundle version program , You do not need to reinstall the program again.

          R12 version are tailor-made program for the specific model, Could not support Other brand name and other model.

MapKing PocketPC MapKing PC MapKing SmartPhone Europe/USA MAP S60
V7 (Standard) V7 V7 V5  
V7 for
HP hw6515
G10 for
HP hw6965
G10 ( Standard)        
Mapking2007     Mapking2007
R12 for Dopod P800W        
R12 for Dopod U1000        
R12 for HTC TyTnII        
R12 for HTC Cruise        

Standard Version MapKing V7 (screen240X320)
[Traditional Chinese Version]   [Simplified Chinese Version]   [English Version]

MapKing 7 for iPAQ hw6515 ONLY(Screen 240X240)

[English Version]


MapKing G10 for iPAQ hw6515/hw6965 ONLY(Screen 240X240)
[Traditional Chinese Version]   [English Version]    

Standard version G10 TTS Program (Screen 240X320)
[Traditional Chinese Version]   [English Version]    

MapKing PC 7/MapKingPC 3D
[Traditional Chinese Version]
  [Simplified Chinese Version]
  [English Version]

MapKing SmartPhone 7/MapKingSP 3D
[PocketPC Version]
  [PC Version]

歐洲/美國 地圖軟件
Europe / USA Map Software

Europe / USA Map Software Ver 5
[PocketPC Version]
[PC Version]

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